8 minutes and 46 seconds is a requiem to George Perry Floyd Jr., the African-American man who was killed by a police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on May 25, 2020. This moment is cast in a new musical art-video work of 17’ min. During Covid-19 the murder of George Floyd had an immense impact on the world.
Janica Draisma asked soprano Claron McFadden to cooperate in an instant composition for her video work.


The music finds it strength in the repetition and free composition of the music in which the two voices complement each other in a duet. It is a strong visual and musical work about breath, loss of life, grief, race and colour of skin. And it embraces courage, non-violence, equality, harmony, hopes and dreams.

Voices & Instant Composing: Claron McFadden, Janica Draisma Text and concept: Janica Draisma Camera and sound: Thomas Kist, NSC Soundmix: Paul Pouwer, Power Sound Studio Color Grading: Laurent Fluttert Written, edited and directed by: Janica Draisma Produced by: Stichting Draft Foundation (ANBI) www.draftfoundation.com

This project was supported by Prince Bernhard Culture Fund (Cultuurmakers Fonds).