Art / Dance   among others; choreography and video project La Terra e la Morte, inspired by the work of Cesare Pavese. It was created with the computer program Life Forms, that Merce Cunningham pioneered working with.

Documentary  Crossing my lips (Over mijn lippen), a short, musical documentary about stuttering and communication.
The Wondrous, a sober portrait of mentally handicapped.
The Secret Room, A journey into the universe of Odin Teatret, a feature documentary about the Italian director Eugenio Barba (1936) and his multidisciplinary theatre company Odin Teatret in Holstebro, Denmark.

Fiction The Sound of Drumming, short film.
Romance with double bass, a silent film, accompanied by live music. It premiered at the Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ in Amsterdam and was presented at the Dutch Film Festival in 2009.

An exclusive selection of my short films is now available online on the EYE FILM PLAYER
The program is part of a series on Avant-Garde films in the Netherlands.
The revenues I receive from EYE will be donated to Ukraine via ‘Save the Children
So please spread the news and view the films.