Crossing my lips / Over mijn lippen – written & directed by Janica Draisma
High Definition, 14min, color, 2005

Director of Photography: Thomas Kist, Sound: Erik Langhout, Music: Bart Dijkman, Editor: Merel Notten, Producer: Digna Sinke, SNG Film

Via poetic portraits and interviews with people who stutter, combined with music and songs performed by them, we get insight in (the miracle of) their unusual way of speaking.
A film about talking, stuttering, singing, remaining silent and listening. Communicating.

This film was made with support of the Dutch Film Fund and Every Picture Tells A Story (EPTAS).

Nomination Golden Kalf Best Short Documentary, Dutch Film festival 2005
NPS New Arrivals Selection 2006
Selected for Best of EPTAS 2008
Selected for Best of Look & Roll, Switzerland, 2008

The Secret Room A journey into the universe of Odin Teatret – written & directed by Janica Draisma

On the edge of documentary and fiction, The Secret Room takes us on a journey into the universe of Odin Teatret, a unique theatre company founded in 1964 by the famous Italian director Eugenio Barba (1936) and based in an old farm in Holstebro, Denmark. How did this family-­like group of people survive over fifty years, up to the present day, despite its members aging and dying?
What is the role of theatre in society? What is the difference between theatre and reality? When are we playing a role, when are we ourselves? How do we deal with the passage of time, the ephemerality of life?
And how do we deal with death?

Nomination Golden Kalf Best Documentary, Dutch Film festival 2020

The Wondrous (short version) – by Janica Draisma & Berend Strik
10min col Digital Video and 35MM copy, 1998

Camera: Janica Draisma
Editor: Menno Boerema
Music: Sofia Gubaidulina
Co-production: N.P.S. – Henk van der Meulen
Production: Dees Linders and Stichting Ursula
Directed by: Janica Draisma & Berend Strik

Dedicated with love to all inhabitants of Huize Ursula in Nieuwveen, NL.
The Wondrous’ is a poetic portrait of a group of (mentally handicapped) inhabitants of ‘Huize Ursula’. It focuses on their movements, gestures and body language, which could be seen as dance.